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Mother’s Day Guide

How and why we treat the special women in our lives.

From the Best Florist in Ottawa.

History of Mother’s Day

Mother’s day in Canada always falls on the second Sunday of May. This year, it lands on Sunday May 8th.

The celebration of mothers has been a tradition tracked all the way back to Ancient Greek times, and there are traces of women being honoured for their motherhood in many cultures around the world for hundreds of years.

In 1908 America, Mother’s Day was founded by an activist who wanted to honour her deceased mother. She campaigned for a day where all mothers were recognised for their dedication to their families and the sacrifices they’ve made. After 4 years it became a national holiday in both the USA and Canada, which began the growing tradition of thanking our moms and showering them with beautiful gifts.

 Now we use this holiday to spread love and appreciation to the women who gave life to our children, ourselves and our friends. Women who may not biologically be our mother, but provided a major role in our upbringing and providing us with a beautiful life are also celebrated on this day.

We use the second Sunday in May to say thank you to these strong, beautiful, and resilient women and provide the best flower delivery in Ottawa area by our team in Nectar Flowers Ottawa.

Fun Fact: Mother’s Day has the highest spike in calls for the whole year.

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

 The most popular gift on Mother's Day is, of course, Flowers. Why not? They of course represent the beauty your mother holds, but also the fragility of life and the care needed to raise a child. Flowers are the perfect gift for any mom and we at Nectar Flowers Ottawa are thrilled to help you bring even more brightness and beauty to your Mother’s home.

Get the Best Flowers Delivered right to your Mom in Ottawa.

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May is a beautiful time to give fresh flowers because of all of the seasonal Spring flowers available at this time! There are a vast variety of flowers available for Mother’s Day and we have curated a beautiful collection for you to choose from many styles and colour schemes.
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All of our arrangements include our signature packaging, care instructions, floral food (if needed) and complimentary card enclosed with a handmade wax seal, so your mom will truly feel special. Order Flowers in Ottawa from Nectar Flowers Ottawa!
Flower Macaron Boxes

Beautiful and unique gift box with the best of both worlds!

Our signature design with a gorgeous mix of colours and textures, paired with fresh, local and handmade macarons.

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Designer's Mixed Bouquets

They include a mixture of beautiful fresh flowers to complement any mother.

The Mixed bouquets are available with several colour schemes, and stylings! 

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Gorgeous Baskets & Centerpieces

Centrepieces are a great way to compliment any space. From small to a large area we are able to fill the room with an abundance of beauty with these mixed centrepiece arrangements.

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Helpful questions to ask yourself:

-Who am I sending flowers to - my wife, mom, aunt, grandmother...? How big of an arrangement do I want to give?

-Bright and Vivid colours, or Soft and Gentle?

-Do they need a vase or can it wrapped?

-Will I need it delivered or can I do a store pick up?

-Any Allergies?

Mother's Day Card Writing Tips!

The card is an important part of the gift! This can be a cute, thoughtful or even tear jerking moment in the gift giving. These cards tend to be short and sweet, but you’re able to write as much as you need to.

Don’t forget to sign the card at the end so she knows who is sending the arrangement.

 Are you writing it from your perspective, or from your children to their mother or grandmother?

Here are some ideas for your card:

-A favourite memory, nostalgic.

-Thank you for always being supportive and loving.

- You are the strongest woman I know. I am so lucky to have a Super Mom!

-These flowers are almost as beautiful as you. Happy Mother’ Day!

-Thank you for providing this beautiful gift of life, for trying so hard to be the best mother possible. It is because of you I love my life.

-How did you do this parenting thing? I’m sorry for giving you a hard time. Now I get it!

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Mother's Day

Hug them with our floral designs and unique gift options

More ideas for Mother's Day

This beautiful holiday lands in early May, which means the beautiful spring weather is in full bloom. Many Canadian families find ways to enjoy the warmer climate and gather for brunch, or outdoors for a family picnic. 

Fresh and healthy foods (or whatever your mum is craving) are often had, and some gifts are exchanged. The important part of Mother’s Day is genuine family time together but many families also give their Mum homemade gifts, chocolate, a cute plant to care for.