Tropical Heat Flower Macaron Box

Tropical Heat Flower Macaron Box

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Let's play it warm! Released in the cold weather, this Flower Macaron Box is for sure to bring some tropical heat and exotic vibes! Stunning colors, gorgeous presentation, flawless design and the best macarons in town. Created, baked, and delivered locally but with the international tropical love in mind.

  • Gorgeous blue orchids, selected orange roses, fabulous ranunculus, lisianthus, scabiosa and other stunning fresh-cut blooms are designed with Italian and tropical greens in a stylish burgundy round box
  • 5 delicious macarons included in the regular size; 8-9 macarons in the premium box
  • While the actual flower species and exact count may vary, the colors of Tropical Heat Flower Macaron Box are always kept within bright exotic tones of blues, oranges, fuchsia, purple and complimented with bits of yellow and burgundy
More Info
  • 5 delicious macarons included in the regular size; 8-9 macarons in the premium box
  • Free Flower Delivery if you order online
  • Complimentary card message
  • Available in two sizes - Regular and Premium (more macarons, more flowers and a bigger box!)
  • Our flower macaron boxes arrive with floral foam inside - a perfect way to keep flowers hydrated and prevent bacterial growth
  • Place flowers far from sunlight, heat sources, fruits, and electronic devices - Choose a cool spot with good air circulation
  • Add water (2-3 tblsp) daily
  • Remove the stems that are pass their blooming point and enjoy the rest! 
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Gift Wrapping

All of our flower products are designed to be stylishly wrapped and ready to be picked up or delivered. Gorgeous presentation makes it a perfect gift for any special occasion.

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Wax seal, full-size card and care set

All of our arrangements arrive with complimentary full-size card and flower care instructions to make flowers last longer. We create hand-made wax seals and branded envelopes in-house.

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Design Feature

Flower Macaron boxes are designed in floral foam which is perfect for keeping the flowers fresh and bacteria-free. Upon consuming the macarons, flowers make a wonderful centerpiece on their own.

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Why choose Flower Macaron Boxes?

Our round Flowers Macaron Boxes are easy to carry and take care of, as flowers arrive with floral foam inside - a perfect way to keep flowers hydrated. Flower foam stay moist for up to 72 hours, which is amazing if you travel with your gift of flowers. To refresh the foam, you could add just a couple of spoons of water.
Research has shown that flower foam could compete with traditional water in a vase, because flowers gradually receive the water, are more protected from bacteria and last longer. Plus, you don’t have to worry, if the recipient has a vase at home, as these gorgeous centrepieces are ready to be displayed.


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