Roses Symbolism, Roses Meaning, and More!

How to speak a rose language?

The language of flowers has been used all around the world for centuries as a way for many to share secret messages to loved ones. From ancient mythology, to folklore, fairytales, historical grief, religion and modern love, flowers have shared an abundance of connections to who we are since the early stages of human civilization. A special language for lovers when many could not read or write, and though much has changed, the language of flowers is still very much alive.

Roses, as many know, are a very special flower to give to a loved one. But did you know, there are many symbolic meanings behind the different roses available? Their species, colouring, and blooming stage could completely alter the message being sent- Good thing cards can be attached to bouquets!

These flowers also provided health remedies and were included in about one third of folk-medicine. Roses were also used in a multitude of charms, pagen recipes, and witchcraft techniques.

Let’s begin with the basic languages of roses in Folklore.

Different coloured roses, presentation, and even the different stages in the flower’s life could mean something different to those receiving the flowers during this period of time. 

An example of presentation would be a garland or crown of roses was a reward for virtue and beauty.

Rose Colors and their meaning.

Here is a breakdown of the colours that shape the deeper meaning behind a bouquet.

Bridal rose

Emblem of happy life

Bridal roses

Turquoise rose

Rejuvenation, cheerfulness, the wish for fertility if someone is hoping for a child

Green (turquoise) rose

Red and white roses together

Unity Red and white roses

Red rose

Passion, desire and romantic love Red roses

Pink rose

Our love is perfect happiness, young love or innocence Pink rose

Orange rose

Enthusiasm, energy Orange rose

Yellow rose

Formerly associated with negative feelings like jealousy or infidelity but has since evolved to being associated with much warmer feelings like friendship and caring. Yellow rose 

Lavender rose

Enchantment, adoration, and sincere love.
purple rose, lavender rose

White rose

I am worthy of you,

Innocence and purity, or respect for the dead.

White rose


What does number of roses in the bouquet mean?

1 rose of any colour: is to express love at first sight, or say thank you

2 Roses: Deep love

3 Roses: I love you on an anniversary

6 Roses: I love you, I miss you

7 Roses: I’m infatuated with you.

8 Roses: Support for friends or family 

9 Roses: Eternal love

12 Roses: Perfect love

The standard for number of roses in arrangements are typically 1, 6, and 12, however requests for other quantities are not uncommon.

Rose Charms and Remedies

Endless charms, potions, and folk-medicines have included roses in their recipes.  

Roses have been used for their health benefits for centuries! All parts of the rose were used in ancient remedies. Some examples are using rose hips in desserts for vitamin C, and roses were used as a charm against nose bleeds and other haemorrhages. Rose water was prepared in gallons to be used for purification and perfume in sick or guest’s rooms.

“Take three roses, white, pink, and red, and wear them next to your heart for three days. Steep them in wine for the next three days then strain the wine into a goblet and give it to the one you desire. When he drinks it, he will be yours forever.” - Old German love charm.

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