Frequently Asked Questions

Our dear flower lovers! Please, check out our most common frequently asked questions. If there is anything specific you would like to ask us please email at or call/send a text to 613-276-7267

Flowers Ottawa

Delivery 🚗

We deliver all over Ottawa and Gatineau!

We serve the following areas for the flower delivery: Ottawa downtown, Glebe, Little Italy, Westboro, Gloucester, Vanier, Orleans, Nepean, Kanata, Barrhaven, Manotick, South of Ottawa and Greely.

We also serve smaller towns around Ottawa - Almonte, Embrun, Limoges, Rockland, Cumberland, Russel etc. We are always happy to go out from the city to bring some floral joy to our favourite customers. If you have placed an order for the delivery outside of Ottawa, we may contact you if additional modifications to your order required (date change, extra fee etc.) 

We are always ready to design some floral masterpieces thus we even accept same-day deliveries and flower requests! Of course, our Floral Fairies are beyond grateful if we have orders in the system a few days prior to the delivery date as it is easier for us to ensure that the freshest blooms are available for some flower magic. We often see people placing orders few weeks or even months before the actual delivery date and our fantastic Floral Admin makes sure everything is executed in the best timely manner.

We design and deliver flowers depending on the date you select on the calendar.

Most days, we are able to accommodate same-day floral requests. Please, check with our calendar, if the date is available, that means we are still creating some floral miracles for same-day deliveries! 

We typically accept orders for the same-day deliveries till 3pm, however the timeline may vary due to floral supplies and availability - it is always better to check with our calendar (it will appear in the cart, once you add the product) 

Our Standard Flower Delivery times are generally between 10 am and 7 pm.

We also offer two timed delivery options: 

AM Delivery – before noon (the order must be placed the day before delivery) 

Business Hours Delivery – before 3 pm (the order must be placed before 10 am for the same day BH delivery) 

We also eagerly accommodate all the specific time requests for the sympathy flowers (arrangements for funeral homes, churches, visitations etc.)

If you do not see the preferred time options, please mention any specific requests in the section "Comments for Florist" (available in the cart after you added the product). We will contact you if we need any additional details.  

We always require the following information in order to deliver our gorgeous blooms to someone very special of yours: The recipient's name, the recipient's phone number, the recipient's address

We also need the following details from the sender: The sender's name, the sender's phone number

We typically do not unless:

our amazing drivers predict that there might be an issue with the delivery (apartmentbuilding with no buzz-in number, or a rural area of the suburbs on a coldwinter day)

and/or if we have been asked specifically to do so (we have a section “Comments for florist” for all the extra information on the delivery or flower requests - available in the cart after you add the product).

Please, keep in mind that we require the recipient’s phone number in 100% of the cases.  

In case, nobody opens the door, our amazing drivers will follow the next steps: 

a. Call the recipient and/or Call the sender.

b. Leave the flowers at the door (please see below for the conditions) or Bring them back to the store to schedule a re-delivery time

We are able to leave the flowers at the door if the two requirements are met

1. The weather permits to do so

2. Our drivers feel safe to leave the flowers at the door (certain areas inthe city as well as certain high-traffic buildings in town may be not the bestplace to leave the flowers at)

Our drivers always take pictures of the flowers left at the door.  

We do our best to notify our amazing customers by sending a text message upon the delivery. Please, leave your cell phone as a contact phone number to get a notification from us. 

This may not apply to the busiest flower times – Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas etc.  

Flowers 🌷

Our Floral Fairies work with the flowers from all over the world! We purchase flowers from local Ontario growers, as well as collaborate with farmers in British Columbia and Prince Edward Island. Moreover, a big part of our blooms comes from South America in particular Ecuador, Columbia, Peru, Chile as well as Caribbean region of Mexico. We bring our exotic and tropical flowers from Thailand, South Africa and Australia, while a majority of garden product arrives from Europe – specifically from Holland, Italy, the UK.  

Being very busy, we are lucky to get floral deliveries 4 times a week to ensure the maximum freshness of our product. Our contemporary equipment as well as very well-trained staff take a spectacular care of an every stem that arrives in store.

Flowers are meant to bring the ultimate aesthetic experience and our goal is create a masterpiece for you to enjoy. Ultimately, we do not provide any expected time frames for the existence of the floral arrangement, as we are not typically aware of the environmental conditions where flowers would be kept (temperature, humidity, watering protocols etc.)

We guarantee the freshness and the impeccable look of the bouquet for 24 hours as a must and in most cases for 2 days, while most of our arrangements last between 7-10+ days with the proper care. We are happy to provide every customer with the guidelines on how to take the best care of the arrangement. 

Please, have a look at our blog article on long-lasting and sensitive flowers. 

If you are looking at a very long-lasting arrangement, please have a look at our dry and preserved collection. 

Absolutely! We are happy to source our customers with bigger floral orders and a special wholesale pricing. We do not have a permanent pricing as the market fluctuates due to the following: seasonality, demand, quantity, needed time frames (how early in advance you place the order)

Please, email us all the details at and we will be happy to provide you with a custom quote.

Our Floral Fairies are top experts in the flower industry - we make sure that we have the best training system for our florists. We can easily reassure you that the most skillful florists in town are in Nectar Flowers Ottawa. 

Orders 💐

Absolutely! We provide gorgeous complimentary cards, so please feel free to write a sentence or two (or even a poem😉)

We offer a variety of adds-on products available and are continuously working on expanding our selection. Currently we have the following goods available for the perfect gifting experience:

🌷 delicious Swiss chocolate Lindt in various sizes

🌷 absolutely exquisite locally baked macarons in different sizes

🌷 adorable selection of plush toys - teddy bears, bunnies, puppies etc.

In 2018 we decided to terminate the use of any type of balloons due to: weather challenges, hospital restrictions, environmental purposes.

However, we have lots of adds-on available – adorable teddy bears, plush toys, exquisite macarons, delicious chocolates etc.  

We offer a variety of payments for our customers' convenience: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Paypal, ApplePay, GooglePay, ShopPay,Interac Debit, Interac E-transfer,

If your payment is not mentioned above, please contact us at 613-276-7267 or and we will be happy to find a solution 🌸 

Super easy!

You can simply reply to the confirmation email that you received upon placing the order - we will see your request and respond.

Feel free to give us a call or send us a text at 613-276-726

or send us an email at

No, not at all. Feel free to add the desired product to the cart and checkout as a guest.

Happy Floral Shopping!

You can easily cancel your order if: there is more than 24 hours prior to the selected delivery date or you have placed the order by mistake and want to cancel it immediately (within 15 minutes of placing your order).

For more information please visit Our Cancellation and Refund Policy  

If you have any questions, please contact us at 613-276-7267 or our email