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    21 products
    12 long stemmed  red roses in a presentation box
    red roses in long box
    Boxed Premium Roses - 12 Roses
    Pure love 50 white roses
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    roses ottawa; flower delivery ottawa; roses bouquet; peachy roses
    roses ottawa; flower delivery ottawa; roses bouquet; peachy roses
    Splendid Peachy Roses
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    dozen red roses ottawa; flower delivery; roses ottawa
    six red roses ottawa; flower delivery; roses ottawa
    Passionate Red Roses
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    50 Gorgeous Assorted Roses
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    Marvellous Blue Roses
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    black roses bouquet
    black roses bouquet
    Black Roses Majesty.
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    Love Devine
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    luxurious vip flowers; 50 red roses
    luxurious vip red roses in a bouquet
    50 Magnificent Red Roses
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    red roses in a black box; boxed roses; red roses
    red roses; red roses in a round white box; roses boxed
    Magnificent Red Extra-Large Rose Box
    Elegant White Roses
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    Classic Red Roses and Wine
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    rose petals; heart of rose petals
    red roses petals
    Rose Petals
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    100 red roses bouquet
    100 Red Glorious Roses
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    200 red roses bouquet
    Royal 200 Red Roses
    Blue Elegance
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    Whispers of Love Flower Box
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    Dreamy Delight Flower Box
    Wow Flower Room
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    roses bouquet ottawa; garden roses ottawa
    roses bouquet ottawa; garden roses ottawa
    Garden Roses Bouquet
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    Blush Roses Bouquet
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    Beautiful Rose Bouquets from Nectar Flowers Ottawa

    Welcome to Nectar Flowers Ottawa, your go-to destination for stunning bouquets of roses. Whether you're looking for a classic red rose bouquet, a delicate white rose bouquet, or something unique like pink or yellow roses, we've got you covered. Our collection features exquisite roses bouquets, roses in a flower box, and roses in a long stem box. Let's explore our beautiful rose collection and discover the perfect bouquet for any occasion.

    Our Rose Collection

    At Nectar Flowers Ottawa, we offer a variety of rose arrangements to suit every taste and occasion. Here are some of our most popular options:

    • Bouquet of Roses: A timeless choice, our bouquets of roses are perfect for expressing love, appreciation, or congratulations. You can choose from a variety of colors to suit the occasion.
    • Roses in a Flower Box: These elegant arrangements come in a beautifully designed box, making them a sophisticated gift for any special moment.
    • Roses in a Long Stem Box: Ideal for making a grand impression, these long stem roses are carefully arranged in a stylish box, ready to wow your recipient.

    Symbolism of Rose Colors

    Roses are not only beautiful but also rich in symbolism. Here's what different colors of roses represent:

    • Red Roses: The classic symbol of love and passion. A red rose bouquet is perfect for expressing deep emotions and romantic feelings. Red roses are also great for celebrating anniversaries and special milestones.
    • White Roses: These symbolize purity, innocence, and new beginnings. A white rose bouquet is an excellent choice for weddings, graduations, or any event that marks a fresh start.
    • Pink Roses: Represent gratitude, grace, and admiration. A pink rose bouquet is perfect for showing appreciation to someone special or celebrating a sweet occasion.
    • Yellow Roses: These stand for friendship, joy, and happiness. A flower bouquet of yellow roses is ideal for brightening someone's day and celebrating cheerful moments.
    • Purple Roses: Symbolize enchantment and love at first sight. They are perfect for expressing admiration and adoration.
    • Orange Roses: Represent enthusiasm and energy. An orange roses bouquet is great for conveying excitement and passion.
    • Blue Roses: Signify mystery and the unattainable. Blue roses are perfect for someone who loves unique and rare flowers.
    • Black Roses: Symbolize elegance and mystery. A black roses bouquet is ideal for someone who appreciates a bold and dramatic statement.
    • Rainbow Roses: Represent joy, happiness, and diversity. They are perfect for celebrating unique and vibrant personalities.

    Easy Online Ordering and Delivery in Ottawa

    At Nectar Flowers Ottawa, we make it simple to order roses online. With our easy-to-use website, you can browse our collection and place your order in just a few clicks. Plus, with our reliable Ottawa flower delivery service, you can be sure your bouquet will arrive fresh and on time.

    • Order Roses Online: Simply visit our website to explore our collection and choose your favorite arrangement. Whether it's a red rose bouquet or a pink roses bouquet, you'll find the perfect option for your needs.
    • Bouquet of Roses Delivery: We offer fast and dependable delivery throughout Ottawa. Whether you're sending a flower bouquet of red roses or a white rose bouquet, our Ottawa florist will ensure it reaches your recipient in perfect condition.

    Why Choose Nectar Flowers Ottawa?

    1. Expert Florists: Our skilled florists create stunning arrangements with the freshest roses, ensuring your bouquet is beautiful and long-lasting.
    2. Variety of Options: From red roses bouquet to white rose bouquets, we offer a wide range of colors and styles to suit any occasion.
    3. Convenient Ottawa Flower Delivery: We deliver across Ottawa, making it easy to send a heartfelt gift to friends and loved ones.
    4. Trusted Ottawa Flower Shop: With years of experience and a passion for flowers, we are proud to be a top choice for Ottawa florist services.

    Popular Rose Arrangements

    Here are some of our customer favorites:

    • Big Red Rose Bouquet: Make a statement with our stunning big red rose bouquet. It's perfect for expressing love and admiration.
    • White Rose Bouquet: Elegant and timeless, this bouquet is ideal for weddings, graduations, and other special events.
    • Pink Roses Bouquet: Show your appreciation with a beautiful pink roses bouquet, perfect for any occasion.
    • Flower Bouquet Red Roses: A classic choice that never goes out of style, perfect for romantic gestures.
    • Flower Bouquet Yellow Roses: Brighten someone's day with a cheerful bouquet of yellow roses.

    Custom Rose Arrangements

    Looking for something unique? We love creating custom rose arrangements to match your specific preferences. Mention your preferences in the "Comments for Florist" section when placing your order, and we'll work with you to create the perfect bouquet. We also offer consultations to discuss your ideas and ensure every detail is just right.

    For the most beautiful and meaningful bouquets of roses in Ottawa, look no further than Nectar Flowers Ottawa. Whether you need a red rose bouquet for a romantic occasion or a white rose bouquet for a special celebration, we've got you covered. Order roses online today and enjoy our reliable Ottawa flower delivery service. Let us help you make every moment unforgettable with our stunning rose arrangements.


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