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People behind the Floral Scenes

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Our Floral Team

Are you ready to meet our Flower Family? Get to know the people behind the Flower Scenes and interesting facts about them.

We love what we do and every day we make this world a better place one stem at a time.

Nectar Flowers Ottawa - is a small local full-service flower business with our own exclusive product line, customized approach, and a team of experts. We offer daily flower deliveries, flower subscriptions, workshops

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Kseniia Bychenko, Ottawa Florist, Nectar Flowers Ottawa Team
Kseniia Bychenko, Ottawa Florist, Nectar Flowers Ottawa Team
Olga Shelon, Ottawa Florist, Nectar Flowers Ottawa Team

Has the best smile ever, loves good sense of humor, and seeing the beauty in details. Adores sushi and good coffee.

Liliya Chuzhdan, Ottawa Florist, Nectar Flowers Ottawa Team

Craft Guru aka the most Artisan person ever . Loves good quality paper and hand-made things. Appreciates tasty food in large quantity.


Has more flowers on her body than an average bee can pollinate. Gets inspired by dark colors and has an ability to fit into the smallest spaces.


Is a true cat lover. Likes warm salads, milk and good pens. Enjoys walks, nature, and meditation.


Drives like a pro, always brings the most delicious food, and loves helping people. Moves quietly like a ninja and always wears a hat.


Does not like being late, is a city expert and can carry a few heavy items at the same time. Loves listening to the good music.

Our Values


We develop our creative skills daily whether it is related to the floral duties or a problem-solving approach.


Be ready to learn! We are constantly thriving for enhancing us, our systems, and the world.


We work as a team. Always. Amongst each other, with our clients, and with our farmers and suppliers.


Being aware is essential to us: about our Mother Nature, the impact, and the trace we leave behind.