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Bridal Bouquet

Bridal Bouquet is an integral part of your Wedding Day, and we are honored to design the florals for you.

Scroll down for size guide, color palettes and more!

Bridal/Wedding Bouquet

Bridal/Wedding Bouquet

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Looking for a bouquet for a micro wedding, elopement, vow renewal or a photoshoot? Do not want full service wedding florals and keeping it simple? You are in the right place!

Bridal/Wedding Bouquet is an integral part of your Wedding Day, and we are honored to design the florals for you! This is a customized Bridal/Wedding Bouquet option where you can select your color scheme, style, and size of the bouquet. We will be contacting you within 1-2 business days upon placing your order to confirm all the details.

All the images are examples and visual references of our work. You will not be getting the exact same look, you will be contacted to discuss your style and color scheme.

Scroll down for size guide, color palettes and more!

  • All of our color palettes are customizable if needed. Please, mention your preferences in the section "Comments for Florist" (available in the cart)
  • Neutral Nude / Boho. It features a soothing mix of soft beige, muted blush, dusty pink, and warm taupe shades, accented with subtle greenery for a touch of natural vibrancy.
  • Whites & Creams & Greens. It brings together an array of pristine white and soft cream hues, seamlessly blended with various shades of lush green.
  • Rust + Terracotta. It introduces a warm, earthy essence that captures the beauty of autumn landscapes - features a rich mix of deep rust hues, reminiscent of fallen leaves, complemented by the soft, clay-like tones of terracotta.
  • Jewel Tones. Exudes opulence and vibrancy, drawing inspiration from the rich, saturated colors of gemstones. Incorporating deep purples, rich emeralds, royal blues, and ruby reds.
  • Burgundy + Blue. This palette combines the deep, rich tones of burgundy, which symbolize love and passion, with the serene and tranquil shades of blue, reflecting trust and loyalty.
  • Gentle Pastels. This palette comprises soft, muted hues such as delicate pink, pale blue, lavender, and light yellow, reminiscent of a tranquil spring morning.
  • Blushes & Pinks. It encompasses a harmonious blend of blush pink, soft rose, magenta, and hints of creamy white, creating an overall effect that's both inviting and romantically vibrant.
  • Dark and Moody. An evocative blend of deep purples, rich burgundies, midnight blues, and striking blacks, punctuated by occasional splashes of dark green foliage.
  • Custom: looking for a custom color scheme? We love floral challenges and unique requests. Please, mention your preferences in the section "Comments for Florist" and we will be contacting you to confirm all the final details, share any inspirational images, and go over the design for your perfect Bridal/Wedding Bouquet
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  • We offer a variety of color schemes and custom options. Please, feel free to write any comments in the section "Comments for Florist" available in the cart after adding the product 
  • We will be contacting you within 1-2 business days upon placing the order to confirm all the details, color scheme, and style
  • We offer Flower Delivery in Ottawa and Gatineau areas, and you can also select a pick-up option from our store
  • You can place an order as early as one year before the event
  • While we can accommodate orders placed as late as a few days prior to the event, we strongly recommend reserving your flowers at least 10 days before the Big Day
  • All of our bridal/wedding bouquets arrive with the glass source and water to keep maximum hydration at all times
  • Place the flowers in a cool dark spot and avoid sunlight, heat sources (fireplace, oven, microwaves etc.), and fruits/veggies
  • Any additional instructions regarding a specific bouquet will be provided upon delivery or pickup 

Bridal Bouquets Size Guide

small bridal bouquet ottawa; wedding florist

A posy bridal bouquet is characterized by a small, round, and compact arrangement of flowers. Opting for smaller floral arrangements can be a strategic choice for brides of petite stature or for those who desire their wedding gowns to be the star of the show, rather than being hidden by a larger bouquet. Also a great choice for elopements!

Estimated 12-15 stems.

bridal bouquet ottawa; wedding florist

This size bridal bouquet is a balanced blend of elegance and prominence. It is designed to be larger than a posy while maintaining a manageable weight and size. Characterized by a versatile arrangement of flowers, it can be comfortably held with both hands, giving the bride a feeling of substantiality without overshadowing her wedding gown.

Estimated 25-30 stems.

cascading bridal bouquet ottawa

This option is used for grand size; premium stems or cascading bouquet. A cascading bouquet, also known as a waterfall bouquet, represents the epitome of bridal elegance and drama. This style of bouquet is characterized by a luxurious abundance of flowers that spill downwards from the bride's hands, creating an effect reminiscent of a waterfall.

Custom stem quantity.

Bridal Bouquet Shapes Quide


Classic shape which could be designed in a loose or compact way. Traditional bouquet that works well with a variety of attires and has a signature celebratory look.


Spreading wedding/bridal bouquet is one of the most popular options for our clients. We often call it "structured unstructure" referring to its loosiness but elegance.

tall bridal bouquet, wedding bouquet

Modern solution for a clean look and minimalistic attire. Often complimented with an array of ribbons, tall bouquets are known for its royalty and style.


Absolutely! We understand the importance of following the main color palette chosen for your big event thus would be happy to accommodate any specific color requests. Please, mention that in the section "Comments for Florist" available in the cart after adding a product and feel free to email us inspo/reference images to

We design with a wide variety of flowers and have connections with farms all over the world, thus our Design Team will do our best to provide the freshest and the most exquisite blooms for your bouquet.

While you are more than welcome to leave any special requests in the section "Comments for Florist" available in the cart after adding the product, we do not provide an exact list of flowers we use nor we can provide 100% guarantee on a specific flower to be included in the design. We operate based on the seasonal availability and the farmers' market, thus Mother Nature sometimes can be unpredictable in terms of weather conditions or environmental phenomena which impact the growers.

Leave us a comment in the section "Comments for Florist" and we will make sure we exclude that one (or a few) details that you do not like. With our flower experience and the floral supply, we will definitely find a turnaround to fit your preferences.

All of our wedding/bridal bouquets arrive in a glass vase and with water to ensure maximum hydration at all times. The glass vase is placed in the box and secured with tissue paper/air bubbles.

We also provide instructions with the delivery.

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